A Brief Guide To Laos Cuisines

As other countries, the freshness of ingredients plays an important role in Laotian dishes. Lemongrass, galangal and padaek (Laos fish sauce) are always on every table at anytime.

Sticky rice is the staples of Laos food. A daily Lao meal is very simple and normally including sticky rice, fresh vegetables and meat or fish sauce to dip the sticky rice into. Sometimes, they choose noodle soup (locally called feu) for a dish.

Popular noodle soup in Laos

Each country is featured by its own foods. Laap is such a traditional meal. It is a spicy mixture of marinated meat or fish eaten with other condiments such as herbs, eggplant, spices and vegetables. You can ask both the cooked or raw laap with a glass of Beer Laos.

Delicious Laap that you can't wait to enjoy

Luang Prabang and Vientiane home to delicious Lao food, international cuisines and well-beaten dishes. Unlike other Asia countries, Lao food is never sweet but bitter. They consider that sweet makes you dizzy and bitter makes you healthy.

Chicken stuffed lemongrass

Fish steam in banana leaves, stir-fried dishes such as fried rice and chicken with ginger, papaya salad made with green papaya, chilies, garlic and lime juice. You can try all of them in your Laos tours.

Papaya salad - the most popular street food in ebery corner of Laos

Laotian don’t eat around the dinning table, they sit on a reed mat on the wooden floor. Superiors are always the first one to eat. Before finishing eating, Lao people always leave foods in their plate. If not, it means that you are still hungry.

In short, Lao cuisines own its distinctive tastes that contain traditions and customs for a long time.  


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