10 Quick Facts about Durians

Spiky, pungent, yet amazingly tasty and addictive, durian has to be one of the most controversial fruits. Some love them, others just cannot stand smelling them. Let’s take a few minutes on 10 quick facts about durians.
1. Durians are often dubbed “The King of Fruits”.

2. In Singapore, both cigarettes and durians are banned in public places.

3. The native land of durians remains a debate. The Malaysians, Indonesians as well as the Filipinos all claim to be the first to discover durians.
4. Durians are now available in most countries in Southeast Asia as well as some parts of South Asia or even Africa.
5.  Thailand is the world’s leading durian exporter.
6. The soft, creamy and nutty flesh of durian contains simple sugar thus it can be an immediate energy provider.
7. There is also a large quantity of fat in durian. However, it is cholesterol free.
8. Before entering an orchard of durians, you’ll need a protective hat as a spiky durian can fall freely from high at any time.

9. Durian’s flesh can make many different variations. Some common ones are durian ice-cream, durian pancakes, durian pudding…

10. The Esplanade Building in Singapore resembles a durian with spiky surface and the oval shape.

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