Enjoy Bun Cha Hanoi

Enjoy bun cha Hanoi is one of the best ways to experience the authentic Vietnam in your trips to Vietnam, especially the Vietnamese street foods.

In the Vietnamese cuisine guidebook, an author said “I discovered new taste buds that I didn’t know I had.” I am sure that it is the most accurate description about Vietnamese cuisine including bun cha in Hanoi. Together with pho bo or cha ca, bun cha Hanoi comes first on the list of everyone’s favorite Vietnamese dishes.

A plate of vermicelli, fresh herbs and a bowl of cold broth with grilled pork – cha. Cha vien – tinny grilled pork patties mixed with salt pepper, shrimp sauce, sugar, minced dry onion and then kneaded into small balls.  Cha mieng – fatty pork slices, is made of sliced lean and fat meat.

Cha mieng - fatty pork slices

Cha vien - tinny grilled pork patties

And how to enjoy bun cha Hanoi? Simply, add some herbs and chili (if you like) to your bowl. Tear off some noodles and dip them in the sauce – don’t try and fit them all in the bowl at once. If you have ordered nem you can also dip them in the sauce together.

 Enjoy nem ran together with bun cha

Simply, dip everything together in the broth and enjoy. You also order fried spring rolls a cup of iced green tea to enjoy with bun cha Hanoi. Order a cup of ice-tea to enjoy the unique bun cha in Hanoi like Hanoians often do.

Where to eat?
No 75 Ma May Street
No 1 Hang Manh Street
No 59 Hang Ma Street

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