Top 5 Romantic Destinations In Vietnam

When you reach a romantic destination, you feel more than refreshed as the cool air puffing round your face, persuasive chirping of birds, sheen fire-flies at night, fairer moon light, and so on. This is what Vietnam is all about. Behind these, this Southeast Asian country with 31 National parks, 21 national tourist areas and 8 biosphere reserve zones makes Vietnam as one of the top romantic destinations in the world.

The country has several destinations ideal to fall in love. Though it is very difficult to sort out few of them, there are some destinations that are unique by many means. Make sure not to miss these top romantic destinations in Vietnam. Here are the top five romantic destinations based on its peculiarity and people’s choice.

The capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi, is ranked number 8 on the top 25 destinations in world in 2014 according to Trip Advisor’s list. This busy and active city is one of the oldest cities of Vietnam and is ready to serve you with its best services in the country. The skyscrapers and famous buildings adds luster to your romantic mood. According to Smart Travel Asia, Hanoi is among the top 10 cities in Asia for shopping. Hanoi (also “city of lakes”) provides you lakeside roads to enjoy jogging and bicycling.

Ho Chi Minh (formerly Saigon) is the largest city in Vietnam and is the national business centre. Like Hanoi, here in the city romance goes hand in hand with shopping. Besides crowd and congested traffic, the city has mausoleum, boulevards, remnants, museums, botanical and zoological parks, amusement and culture parks, etc. to appease your mood.

Da lat known as “pleasure to some and freshness to others” will catch you eye with its pine trees, palace, pagoda, flower gardens and waterfalls. The weather is just exceptionally awesome with mist in air round the year that will deliberately make you fall in love. The flower festival generally celebrated at the end of the year is not to be missed. One can experience the traditional ways of living by visiting the nearby villages.

Nha Trang is the largest city in the south central coastal region. Being the coastal city, it is famous for scuba diving, kite boarding, cruising and sailing. The city with its luxurious resorts, tasty sea foods, and coastal night parties proves to be the best romantic destination. Travelling in cable car and visiting water parks can be unforgettable moments.

If you need peaceful and serene environment to arouse your romantic mood then Ben Tre can be the best spot for you. Watching the sunset through the banks of Mekong can be never to be forgotten moment. Sailing at dust, with soothing wind and fire-flies around make Ben Tre among the best romantic destination. The famous coconut candy available here is not to be missed.

These destinations are not only among the top romantic destinations in Vietnam but also have its own image round the globe. So, if you want to spend a quality time with your spouse, then it is advised that you should once have a look at the above-listed places of Vietnam.

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