Vietnam offers many fascinating places to visit ranging from tropical jungles and beaches to bustling cities. The Vietnamese are always proud of their culture. This means that any place you visit in Vietnam presents and shows you everything that this people have endured throughout the centuries. The top cultural destinations of Vietnam are.

• This UNESCO world heritage site has numerous unique limestone islands that have many caves and other fascinating features. The islands are covered with dense tropical vegetation which makes them very spectacular since the green islands stick out of the blue waters.
• You can visit Ha Long Bay all year round. Some of the great sites to visit are the floating villages, Dau Be Island, Dau Go Island, Hung Sung Sot cave, Pelican cave and the Virgin cave.
• The Floating villages consist of floating houses which are the homes of the local fishermen. The local communities provide reasonably priced home stays. You can enjoy cruises along the sea and also eat fresh sea food that is prepared by the locals.
• Dau Be Island is one of the best spots for swimming and diving enthusiasts since it has coral reefs and 3 inland lakes. The coral reefs will create a perfect haven for divers who love swimming with the many species that inhabit the reef.
• Dau Go Island has spectacular features which dot the numerous caves.
• The Bon Bon Island has three caves that have stalactites and stalagmites. The Virgin cave is the most important since it is a shrine among the locals. This cave is very important among the locals and they even have a legend to show its importance.

• This a network of tunnels located 70 km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City. The tunnels provided refuge to soldiers during the Viet-Cong Era as they tried to hide from American bombings. The tunnels are well preserved as a war museum and you will be able to get the feeling of what the Vietnamese soldiers went through as they hid in this vast tunnel.
• Some of the activities that you can enjoy include firingMl6 assault rifle or trying foods that the underground fighters ate.
• The tunnel has souvenir shops, restaurants and a mini hotel.

• These sand dunes are located in Mui Ne in Central Vietnam.
• You will get spectacular views of red and white sand dunes. The white dunes are the largest and the locals call them the Bau Trang or White Lake.
• You can enjoy sand sledding, kite flying and a picnic. You should carry plenty of drinking water when visiting the dunes.

• This UNESCO world heritage site is the oldest karst formation in Asia. It has impressive limestone zones and grottoes.
• This park is home to the world's largest cave, Hong Son Doong Cave. You will see many fascinating features like underground caves and suspended caves.
• The park has many endangered species including, tigers, elephants and black bears.
• Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy visiting the caves and grottos by boat.

• This sea side town was a thriving sea port trading center in the 16th and 17th century.
• The old town is a UNESCO world heritage site due to its rich history. The riverside is fascinating at night since the streets are lit by old fashioned lanterns.
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