Exploring Tra Co Beach

Tra Co beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Tra Co stretches for nearly 15 km, is the edge of an island which is naturally accreted due to the impact of waves and coastal currents. Travelling to Tra Co for the first time, you will probably have some questions, so please refer to the experiences when traveling Tra Co - Quang Ninh listed below.

Tra Co is located in the North East, in Quang Ninh Province, 8 - 9 km from Mong Cai Town and Mong Cai border gate. Those who live here are mostly Do Son people who migrated to live and settled down.
Exploring Tra Co Beach

How to travel to Tra Co beach?

If you depart from Hanoi by private car, you can go along Highway 18 in the direction of Ha Noi - Hon Gai to Tien Yen and turn to Highway 4 to go to Mong Cai town. From here, you can move to Tra Co beach. The road from Mong Cai to Tra Co is quite spacious, so it is easy to travel.

If you go by passenger car or bus, you can catch buses Hanoi - Mong Cai, it takes visitors about 5 hours and cost from VND 120,000 / person with reclining seat, VND 150,000 / person with bed seat. These buses are available in Giap Bat, My Dinh, Luong Yen bus stations. An experience when traveling alone is that you can depart at night because it will save you time.

If you depart from Hai Phong or Bai Chay, you can go through the sea by hydrofoils. The hydrofoil is very smooth, comfortable, you will not have the feeling of seasickness. There are two departures, morning and afternoon trips, from Tra Co to Bai Chay and from Hai Phong to Tra Co.

Exploring Tra Co Beach

What to do on Tra Co?

In Mong Cai, you can easily rent a motorbike to visit places such as golf course, the beach, Tra Co church, Ong Pagoda, Ba Pagoda.... (all along the road). Then you can move to the border belt to take pictures with the landmark.

Tra Co beach is known as the most lyrical beach in Vietnam by its pristine and rustic beauty. This is also the only beach located on the Vietnam - China border.

When traveling to Tra Co, you can also visit Van Lien Pagoda in Tra Co Ward. If you travel in the period between 30th May to 6th June in lunar calendar, you will have opportunities to join the traditional festival of Tra Co village. Here, you will see the festive activities such as sacrifice ceremony, procession and especially the best cooking contest.

Visiting Tra Co, you should also explore Sa Vi Cape, also known as the cape located in the extreme northeast of Vietnam. There is a memorial monument that extracts two verses of poet To Huu referring to the south and north poles of the S-shaped strip (Vietnam).

If you want to go to Mong Cai for shopping, sightseeing, you can show your passport to go through Mong Cai border gate to Dong Hung (Dongxing, Guangxi) - China. Traveling between the two cities is relatively easy. You need to present 02 4cm × 6cm photos and you ID card through the travel agency, after 1 hour, you can be in Dong Hung - China. Coming to this place, you will be free to explore Dong Hung ancient town or go shopping and taste delicious food.

You can also stroll Mong Cai, Tra Co at night. Mong Cai night market sells a wide variety of souvenirs, ready-to-wear and household items. If you like, you can cross the Ka Long Bridge into Hong Van center to try Chinese-style junk food.

What to eat when traveling to Tra Co?

Like other beaches, coming to Tra Co, you will enjoy a variety of seafood. Visiting Tra Co beach, you should enjoy the dishes made from horseshoe crab. These are the specialties of this untouched sea of Tra Co, which has its own distinctive flavor. In addition, you should also enjoy the fresh sea crabs (you should buy right on the beach in early morning), although the crabs are of various sizes, but they are extremely delicious.

You will easily see seafood restaurants serving this kind of seafood with a very cheap price. In addition, if you are in Mong Cai city, you should also enjoy some dishes which are considered specialties of the city such as Tien Yen chicken....

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Phu Quoc Island - The Best Place to Visit This Summer

Considered as "The Pearl Island" with beautiful beaches, clear blue water, tranquil atmosphere, Phu Quoc is the ideal destination for your summer trip.

Phu Quoc is the largest island of Vietnam. It is called "The Pearl Island" thanks to pristine beauty, clean space, blue sea and white sand. The best time for you to travel to Phu Quoc is from October to May of next year. On hot summer days, immersing in cool sea water, fresh air and fresh sea breeze, you will have great moments of relaxation. From Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, you can fly directly to Phu Quoc Airport located on the island. From here, you can take your car to the hotel, guesthouse and start your exploration of the island.

Going to Phu Quoc, in addition to swimming, watching the majestic natural scenery you can enjoy the simple life of the fishermen, or to the small islands, bring yourself interesting experiences such as camping on the beach, squid fishing at night, diving to see coral reefs… You can also visit famous islands such as Long beach, Dinh Cau cape, Ham Ninh fishing village, Ganh Dau cape ... Coming to Phu Quoc, you can enjoy fresh seafood and buy specialties like fish sauce, black pepper, mushroom ... or souvenirs made of shells. People on the island are very friendly and helpful, If you need help, you can feel free to ask them. Services on the island are also diversified with reasonable prices. Travelling to Phu Quoc, you should not miss out scuba diving experience to enjoy rich coral ecosystem in all shapes, sizes, colors ...

One special thing when you come to this island is that you will meet clever, fast-moving Phu Quoc dogs, with excellent swimming ability. The further islands such as An Thoi archipelago, May Rut Island, Gam Ghi Island ... are very beautiful and attractive to visitors with pristine beaches, rocky cliffs with peculiar shapes and smooth white sand. The clear blue water reflects the coconut trees curving into a dreamlike landscape. After a long day of exploring, you can spend some time in the evening with friends trying to catch seafood with the locals, this experience will give you an interesting and unforgettable time. You can enjoy the results of your catch, or buy seafood from the fishermen and enjoy attractive BBQ parties outside. Exploring each part of the island, to Southern and Northern part of Phu Quoc, you will love the beauty of Pearl Island and remember it forever.

Phu Quy Island - A Jewel in the Middle of Binh Thuan Province

About 120km from Phan Thiet city, your first impression when coming to Phu Quy island is the wild scenery and almost no sign of professional tourism services.

Here is the experience after the trip to Phu Quy island that Peter Cao shared, so you can have some ideas for your upcoming trip. According to Peter Cao, as he wanted to have a trip as a backpacker, he chose Phu Quy Island to explore. 

We bought the boat ticket about a month ago. We arrived at the pier about 30 minutes before it leaf. We leaf our motorbikes in a local house nearby the gate and then went aboard.

We quickly found a place to rest on the boat. However, due to the strong sea waves, we could not sleep and hence decided to go to the deck to admire sunset in the middle of the sea. Such a 
memorable experience!

After 4 hours, the boat arrived in Phu Quy port at 20 pm. We contacted homestay owner and he picked us to his home to rest. In the next day, we woke up at 4:30 am to Trieu Duong Bay to see the dawn.

Sitting in a roaring sea breeze, I waited for the sun to rise. At 5.30 in the morning, the sun rose as my expectation.

From here, run up another mile, the flag pole of Phu Quy island lies between the sky and sky.

Ride the motorcycle back to the homestay, leaving Ganh Hang behindI woke my friend up and then we went out for breakfast, went fishing with the host. We collected so many fishes!

Back to the Trieu Duong Bay with my friend, we were on the green grass hearing the waves flapping, breathing the fresh air of mountains and the sea. No one can describe the beauty of Phu Quy island with only some pictures, because it is really great. From the green grass, we saw the rocky cliffs stretching to the sea.

Continued the journey to explore the island, we visited the Dai Mon Mo Thay – which is dubbed the tail of the dragon, overlooking the mountain Cao Cat is Linh Son Pagoda, where is called dragon head. Behind the Mo Thay is the dragon tail. There were some dams like the ones we saw in Ganh Hang. Leaving Mo Thay, I and my friend went up to Linh Son Pagoda, climbed to the top to admire the statue of Buddha from Linh Son Pagoda, watch the huge wind turbines, which provide electricity for the island.

When the sun sets, it is time to start the work of the locals. 

Doi Dua Beach is the place to watch the sunset and also a place to swim.

After the trip to Phu Quy, I can feel the authenticity of the people on the island, understand the customs of the island that I have not seen anywhere, enjoy the fresh seafood, hot porridge or steamed crabs...

Update the List of Nice Homestays & Hostels in Da Lat

1. Indigo home Dalat

Located at 2/1 Khoi Nghia Bac Son Street, Ward 10, Dalat  City, Indigo  home is a quiet place, suitable for those who want to find peace, immersed in nature, plants, mountains and forests to contemplate the old.

In the morning at Indigo home, you will see the forest clearing itself in the early sunshine, far away from the sunlit houses, offering a sense of unspeakable peace of words.

2. Le Bleu

Le Bleu is not necessarily a hotel, nor a resort with many rooms or different room options. Each Le Bleu is a lovely little house with a lush green garden or a little corner with some trees. Le Bleu has a fully equipped kitchen for cooking. And when you choose Le Bleu, you will not have to share your space with anyone but you and your companions.

3. La Nha Homestay

Not far from the city center, La Nha Homestay houses is equally attractive with classic colors, combining the fancy space of the villa.

4. Tre's House

Located in a small corner on Vo Truong Toan street, at the first sight, Tre's House makes you think first is probably the question "is this hotel sure?". Not surprisingly, simply because the space is too hard to imagine, everything goes awry ... but it does look good on the look of art, an antique exhibit for example ... The four surfaces around the house are old things, recycled items, mostly wood and bamboo. One thing that’s probably unique at  Tre's House is beautiful garden, which looks like a farm in Europe right behind the house.

5. YOLO Camping House

With the desire to bring nature closer to your trip, YOLO has all 10 tents with many options for groups of 2,3,4 members, even if you are a loner you can still choose a nice little tent in the valley to embrace the sky. Here, you can tinker the tent door to enjoy the sunshine in the garden or the pine forest . In the evening, you can lightly close the tent door, and the space again full of golden light covering the room to create a sparkling area.

6. Da Lat Note Hostel

If anyone asks, why do you choose Da Lat Note Hostel among thousands of hotels in the city, the best reason is  this hostel is just beautiful and cheap. Away from the noisy streets, Dalat Note Hostel gives you a peaceful, clean atmosphere with an old "dust" house. The hostel is designed quite cutely,  the path as well as the terraces are eye-catching with blue, red, purple, yellow flowers.

7. Beepub

Beepub - is the name that represents the team starting the project, from the boss, architect, partner, or employee – all are very creative. With unique ideas, using all the recycling, unique design, people also want to find a unique name and from there Beepub was born.

8. The Circle Hostel

Located on the middle of the mountain in Dang Thai Than residential area, The Circle Hostel never seems to be less attractive for young people to enjoy picnic. The Circle Hostel is built on a land of just 300m², with 10 rooms arranged in a L shape. The space is just enough to accommodate a double bed. The bed is designed with small compartments for guests to store slippers and backpacks.

9. DaLat Otel (formerly known as Dalat Discovery Home)

With a total area of over 1000 m², DaLat Otel is built with a unique style in the form of round pipes, using sophisticated design, maximizing the room area. In particular, the bed here is also designed with automatic pegs turned into working desks. This makes it possible for guests to rest, work or surf the internet. DaLat Otel consists of 10 rooms which are designed and decorated with 6 colors corresponding to 6 colors of Google, creating a familiar feeling.

Top 4 Most Beautiful Beaches in Myanmar

Visitors are not only attracted by ancient temple temples withunique architecture, Myanmar is also a great place for those who love the blue beaches and watch the sunset quietly in the peaceful afternoon.

The beautiful beaches in Myanmar are mostly along the coast of Began Bay and the Andaman Sea, almost all of these beaches are facing the West, so when visitors come here, they will see the beautiful scenery, enjoy relaxing moments and magnificence of the sea every time the sun falls down.
If you travel to Myanmar, you should not miss the most beautiful beaches to experience the interesting things here.

1. Ngapali Beach

Ngapali beach is a suitable destination for those who have romantic soul, want to find a peaceful place with pure beauty. This is also the most famous beach in Myanmar by the poetic beauty with the white sand beach glittering in the golden sunshine glowing winding coconut trees.

Going to Ngapali Beach, in addition to swimming, walking and exploring the surrounding natural scenery, you also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in excursions to the small fishing village along with the local market. . And yet, you can explore the countryside with the convenience of small bicycles, and you can even take a boat to the magnificent islands off the coast for sightseeing. In addition, when traveling Myanmar tourists can also learn a lot of interesting things from golf on this fascinating beach.

2. Ngwe Saung Beach - Silver Beach

Ngwe Saung is a new destination on the Myanmar tourism map. Come here, visitors will be exploring the beautiful beaches that remain pristine and quiet on the Indian Ocean coast.

Silver Sea is very clean, this will be a pleasant relaxing place for you after a day exploring Myanmar beautiful country. When tired, visitors can lie on the beach, dive coral or take a walk on the island will make you more interesting and healthy. You can rent a car to explore this 15-kilometer long beach and drive on the hard rock areas and experience the fun here simply by going around the coast.

3. Chuang Tha beach

Chuang Tha is well known to middle-class families coming from urban Myanmar. The sand here is not white and the scenery is not as beautiful as Ngapali and Ngwe Saung, but there are some hotels that spring up. At the weekends or holidays, Chuang Tha is crowded with tourists coming from city.

If you come here on high season, you should rent a boat to explore the islands around it or to dive and see the fish below the ocean.

4. Kanthaya Beach

If you want to have a private space and get rid of the noise of the city to get fresh air and relax, Kanthaya beach will be an interesting destination for you. Unlike other beaches, the sand is yellow here and there is a bit of pebble mixed. On the beach there are also no beach sports or beach games and souvenir shops. This is a very quiet beach so this is the most suitable place for those who want to be quiet to enjoy the privacy of their space.

Visitting the Ananda Pagoda in Myanmar

Not far from Shwezigon Pagoda, Ananda Temple in Myanmar was built in 1090 with splendid amazingly artworks of Buddhism. Traveling to Myanmar, visitors will see unique features of temple pagoda architecture at the Anandapagoda – a symbol for the immeasurable wisdom of the Buddha.

Ananda Temple

The most impressive feature of this temple are four tall statues of Buddha over 10m in gold plated in four directions. Among them, the two golden Buddha statues in the north and south express different facial expressions when viewed at different distances. If standing at the foot of the statue about 10 meters, you will see the Buddha face a bit strict and subtle sad, but a little far , you will feel the joyful face of the Buddha. And at about 15m, his face becomes cheerful, benevolent. Unfortunately, on the two statues of Buddha in the East and West, after a fire and renovation after that, the expressions on the face of the Buddha are not visible anymore.

Come to Myanmar, in addition to the four statues of Buddha, visitors will see 1,442 sculptures exquisite description of the life of the Buddha from birth, growing up, enlightened and into nirvana in Ananda temple.

With the annual festival held in November, Ananda Temple is becoming a pilgrimage site for many of the world's Buddhists. Travel Myanmar with us to explore and learn more about this ancient temple.

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Join Phaung Daw OO Festival – The Most Exciting Festival In Myanmar

Taking place on the full moon of Thadingyut month (the seventh month of Myanmar calendar, from late September to early October), the Phaung Daw OO Festival is one of the most important and most representative festivals in the Shan state in particular and Myanmar in general, lasting up to 18 days for the purpose of expressing respect for the Buddhas. Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival is divided into two main categories: the celebration is the procession of the Buddhas around the villages, the floating farm in the Inle Lake area and the traditional boat racing and other cultural activities.

The procession is a lively assembly, moving sequentially from village to village around Inle Lake in a clockwise direction, forming an endless parade of colors and traditions. Most prominent in the procession is the royal boat that symbolizes the presence of the ancient Karaweik royal. Although this boat is just a mimic version, it is designed and gilded elaborately with head and tail decorated with images of the god Hintha in Burmese mythology, in the middle is the sanctuary dedicated to Buddhist images, with three Pyatthat-style pyramids on the roof.

Perhaps, in order to keep the solemn silence, the royal boat did not move on its own, it was dragged by long boats that mobilized hundreds of "flippers" in colorful traditional costumes, with rowing moves with feet very smoothly and flexibly. Following is the boats of local residents making an impressive procession on the Inle Lake ... When visiting the village, the local pagodas will also invite the Buddhas to stay overnight, making it convenient the followers coming to pay homage to Buddha

Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival, which takes place at the end of the rainy season in Myanmar, is ideal for people coming to the festival. On this occasion, many people from the plains, some from mountainous areas or remote villages come here to both make merits and have the opportunity to blend into the jubilant atmosphere of the festival, contemplate Shan traditional dance and music art, participate in fairs and special cheering for boat racing between villages.

It is possible to say the Phaung Daw Oo Festival with colorful boats, marching from village to village around Inle Lake and traditional Myanmar flippers are the most impressive and vibrant images in the festival atmosphere of Myanmar.

Visitors coming to the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival will not only enjoy the joy of festive atmosphere and experience the spirit of Buddhism in a unique cultural space, but also have the opportunity to contemplate the natural beauty of Inle Lake scenery, one of the jewels of Myanmar tourism that always attract tourists